• Cloud-based IT offerings

    Our comprehensive cloud-based IT offerings include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Test Environment as a Service (TEaaS). These cloud offeringsenable organizations to reduce overall IT costs in multiple ways and reap maximum value from the offering.

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  • IT Services & Staff Augmentation

    Rationale Groups will take care of your IT needs including capacity planning, application hosting and staff augmentation. IT is the only business what we do and do best. Free up on your IT infrastructure and IT staff. We deal with IT experts everyday. They are aware of our company and the quality standard we maintain. Let us represent your company to these candidates and do the staff searching for you.

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  • BPO Services & Enterprise Modernization

    The only constant is change. Legacy systems are like the good old Mammoths, but cannot survive in this environment with out adaptation. Understanding of the logic, debugging for errors and enhancing the system for new features and functionalities are costly and time consuming processes.

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Our Solutions

Our product development team continously invests into our Business Partner relationships with IBM Rational, Oracle PeopleSoft and several Business Intelligence and Analytics organizations.

We are very proud to present a solution set that will further strengthen our integration with these Business Partners. As an example, our product team has invested into writing a robust interface between market leading change management solutions and Z systems. The result of this has been an overwhelming response of the market in seeking an integrated change management solution from our Business Partner and us and the end value to the customer has been priceless because they now have a central change management system that integrates all disparate systems and technologies within their organization seemlessly.

To learn more about our market specific solutions, please email us: info@rationalegroups.com

Also do visit us again for a detailed list of our solutions that we will publish soon.

Our Consulting Services Include

  • Business & Financial Consulting

  • IT & Software Consulting

  • Technology Consulting

  • Management & Government Consulting

  • Education & Health Care Consulting

  • Telecommunications & Manufacturing