• Cloud-based IT offerings

    Our comprehensive cloud-based IT offerings include Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Test Environment as a Service (TEaaS). These cloud offeringsenable organizations to reduce overall IT costs in multiple ways and reap maximum value from the offering.

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  • IT Services & Staff Augmentation

    Rationale Groups will take care of your IT needs including capacity planning, application hosting and staff augmentation. IT is the only business what we do and do best. Free up on your IT infrastructure and IT staff. We deal with IT experts everyday. They are aware of our company and the quality standard we maintain. Let us represent your company to these candidates and do the staff searching for you.

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  • BPO Services & Enterprise Modernization

    The only constant is change. Legacy systems are like the good old Mammoths, but cannot survive in this environment with out adaptation. Understanding of the logic, debugging for errors and enhancing the system for new features and functionalities are costly and time consuming processes.

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Welcome to Rationale Groups

Cloud Computing Services – The rate of IT development in recent years certainly leaves a remarkable impression and has resulted in the possibility of businesses achieving more. Of all the game-changing solutions that exist within the industry, none quite compare to cloud computing. Services can be rapidly deployed with a minimal degree of management. Cloud computing can generally be broken down into three branches, each with its own advantages.

The usage of cloud services has become closely associated with common cloud offerings, such as software as a service (SaaS), platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Drive innovation and accelerate your company’s growth with our full spectrum of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud services. We’ll perform a careful analysis of your business objectives and growth strategy. Applying our deep industry and technical expertise, we will design, implement and manage your cloud estate to provide fast, attainable results that align with your transformation goals. Whether you’ve yet to begin or have already started your cloud migration, the right partner can accelerate your company’s digital transformation and empower your business to stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision and Mission

  • Mission

    Our Mission is to provide integration of all the latest technology solutions with proven tractable results and winning customers’ business through a combination of world-class solutions, competitive prices, and most agile response.

  • Vision

    Our Vision is to serve location globally: To be the world’s preferred location based services company. To become the firm of choice with in the Industries we serve with our Our comprehensive service capabilities.

  • Experience

    We specialize in bringing forward consulting services in the field of Information Technology. We have a proven record of driving and implementing transformational initiatives in the fields stated above for the fortune 100 companies. We closely align to our customer's organizational goals by delivering services with optimised cost savings and by innovating with them to drive their operational Excellence.

Who We Are?

Rationale Group, is a leading services firm that provides a portfolio of Cloud-based IT serices, consulting and outsourcing to a broad range of clients. Rationale is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies for managing their business processes.

How We Work?

Great ideas… Simple solutions - is the underlying premise for all Rationale Group's partnerships. As a global IT services and outsourcing services company, our key focus is to transform clients' business ideas -from blueprint to reality.

Why We Are?

Our successful engagements are not summarized simply by the quick implementation of a solution or meeting timelines. It goes much deeper than that, to the heart of business – Did it add significant, measurable value? We believe every engagement should.